8pc crab, avocado, cucumber   $4.75


8pc snow crab, avocado, crunchy flakes   $4.75


8pc yellowfin tuna   $5.75


8pc salmon   $5.75


8pc yellowtail   $5.75

spicy yellowtail

8pc spicy yellowtail   $5.75


8pc unagi, cucumber with eel sauce   $5.75


8pc salmon, cream cheese   $5.75

spicy tuna

8pc spicy yellowfin tuna, cucumber   $5.75


5pc soft shell crab, cucumber,   $7.00

shrimp tempura

5pc shrimp, cucumber, avocado   $6.50

tiger eye

6pc salmon, cream cheese, masago, Jalapeños in tempura fried center
rolled in soy paper   $7.50


5pc shrimp tempura, snow crab, avocado inside, masago outside
with eel sauce   $7.50



$2.50 per piece

tuna / salmon / yellowtail / eel

$2.25 per piece

kani / shrimp / masago / escolar / pepper tuna


$6.00 for 2pc

tuna / salmon / yellowtail / eel

$5.50 for 2pc

kani / shrimp / escolar / pepper tuna

Special Roll

veggie pop

5pc inari, avocado, cucumber, oshinko, seaweed salad   $7.00

shaggy dog

8pc shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, topped with kani
and spicy mayo   $12.00

fancy salmon

8pc shrimp, cucumber, avocado inside, slice salmon on top with
mama sauce   $11.00

pop this

8pc salmon, cream cheese, avocado and masago wrapped in soy paper tempura fried topped with spicy mayo and sweet chili sauce   $10.00

big texas

8pc snow crab, avocado, cucumber wrapped in seaweed topped with
soft shell crab, jalapeño mayo and sweet chili sauce   $12.00


8pc pepper tuna, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna and tobiko   $11.00

Jalapeño popper

8pc salmon, white fish, avocado, masago, and jalapeño wrapped in soy paper, tempura fried with spicy mayo   $11.00

ocean waves

8pc snow crab, shrimp tempura inside, sliced tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado on top with ponzu and eel sauce   $12.00

snow crab naruto

6pc snow crab, kani, avocado and masago wrapped in cucumber with white cream sauce   $10.00

twist it

8pc shrimp tempura, avocado, topped with spicy yellowtail, Parmesan cheese, tobiko with ponzu sauce   $12.00

swamp thing

8pc crawfish tails, avocado and masago wrapped in seaweed and tempura fried with sweet chili sauce   $9.75


8pc custom roll (choose up to six ingredients and your choice of
seaweed or soy paper)   $11.00


Sushi Wraps

Burrito-style wraps made out of soy paper, filled with seasoned rice. Add soup or house salad for $1.00

crab duo

tempura soft shell crab, kani, avocado, cucumber and field greens
with spicy mayo   $10.00

spicy tuna

tuna marinated in chili oil and spices, avocado, cucumber and field greens
with spicy mayo   $9.50


tempura shrimp, snow crab, avocado, cucumber and field greens
with spicy mayo   $10.00

spicy salmon

spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber and field greens with spicy mayo   $9.50


Special Sushi Bento Box

Served with soup or salad.

cali fresh

8pc california roll, 2pc sushi (your choice)   $10.00

philly cheese

8pc tempura philly roll, 2pc sushi (your choice)   $10.00

flaming tuna

8pc spicy tuna roll, 2pc sushi (your choice)   $10.00

spider web

5pc spider roll, 2pc sushi (your choice)   $11.00


Bento Box (from kitchen)   $10.00

Choose one from following each step:

1. miso soup, hot sour soup, house salad

2. veggie spring roll, cream cheese puffs, fried dumplings

3. steamed white rice, brown rice, fried rice

4. california roll, crunchy roll

5. chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, shrimp tempura, veggie tempura


The Twist (From Kitchen)

chicken bowl

chicken teriyaki over rice with veggies   $8.00

beef bowl

beef teriyaki over rice with veggies   $9.00

unagi bowl

B.B.Q. eel over rice with Japanese pickles   $12.00

spicy tuna bowl

tuna marinated in spices and chili sesame oil over rice with veggies   $10.00

kobe burger

kobe beef patty, provolone cheese, mushroom, mixed greens and Japanese mayo with fries   $13.00

japanese stir fry

udon noodles sautéed in a light teriyaki and unagi sauce with assorted veggies
$8.00 chicken   $9.00 beef   $9.00 shrimp



Served with fries and drink.

2pc shrimp tempura


8pc cali roll


chicken tender basket


tempura corn dog


half pint chicken bowl (excludes fries)






ice tea


hot tea


juice box


fiji water




hot sake


premium cold sake


wine by glass


wine by bottle


domestic beer


imported beer






veggie tempura


2pc shrimp tempura


sweet & spicy shrimp


4pc cream cheese puffs


4pc veggie spring rolls


5pc dumplings




miso soup/hot sour soup/house salad


seaweed salad


snow crab salad


kani cucumber salad


squid salad




3pc fried oreos


2pc fried twinkies



Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have any medical conditions.


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